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Numbers and numerals

The Universal History of Numbers

The Universal History of Numbers

by Georges Ifrah

- The best book currently available on the history of written numerals, also includes tally-sticks, finger-counting and other interesting topics. Accessible to non-specialists, and full of interesting anecdotes and historical curiosities.

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The Anthropology of Numbers

The Anthropology of Numbers

by Thomas Crump

- A study of how numbers are conceived and used in cultures worldwide. The topic is discussed not only from an anthropologist's perspective, but also with insights from psychology, philosophy and cognitive science.

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Number Words and Number Symbols

Number Words and Number Symbols: A Cultural History of Numbers

by Karl Menninger and Paul Broneer

- A study of the cultural history of verbal and written numbers, with an emphasis on Europe. Contains numerous interesting anecdotes, marvelous illustrations and astonishing facts.

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Numerals in many different writing systems

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