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Here’s a recording of a mystery language. Do you know or can you guess which language this is?


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  1. That’s not Slavic, especially not Czech. First I guessed something like European Portuguese (many word-final [ʃ]), but I doubt it is since I couldn’t identify any Romance word or root in it. Then I thought about Hungarian, but I hear a [x] and overall it doesn’t sound much Hungarian after repeated listening. I would also exclude anything Germanic, Celtic (it is neither Gaelic nor Welsh and it hasn’t nasals, thus also not Breton), Greek, Albanian, Baltic, Turkish, Arabic, Indian…

    I have no idea, perhaps it is Georgian?

  2. It certainly seems to have some Slavic influence…

    My first guess was Quelia (Deutschrussisch, Nemrus), but that’s probably quite far off.

  3. I’m not totally certain, but I’m going to go with Hungarian. I heard quite a few Hungarian-sounding syllables and possibly the word “estét” – “evening”.

  4. It´s definitely not Hungarian, then I would be able to understand it… 😛

    I was wondering, why the Hungarian title “egy nyelv sosem elég”? Are you planning to learn a little Hungarian? 🙂

  5. Cisa – I change the language in the title each week and last week it just happened to be Hungarian (it’s now Bengali). I’m not planning to learn Hungarian at the moment, though do know a few words and phrases.

    Here’s a clue – this is an Indo-European language spoken in Europe.

  6. Albanian was already in the quiz, and moreover Simon wouldn’t give clue if it was Albanian, since it was guessed by Voytec.

    I tried to listen to it few times more and reconsider the possibility of a Slavic language. If so, the vowels sound most like in Russian and the consonants like in Polish (although I think I understand Polish enough at least to figure out what is spoken about, and here I didn’t get single word).

    Here is my updated opnion (based on the clue):
    Slavic: almost surely not. Even if I am not 100% confident about small languages like Kashubian or peculiar dialects, as a Slavic speaker I think I would catch at least few words.
    Romance: no way.
    Germanic: very unprobable. Definitely not English, German, Luxembourgish, Dutch, Flemish, Frisian, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Icelandic. Almost surely not Faroese.
    Baltic: probably not. I would not rule out completely the possibility of Lithuanian.
    Celtic: We have heard all Celtic languages here by now and I don’t expect repetition. If Celtic, then I would guess Manx.
    Greek: well, it is not standard Greek, but what do we know about Tsakonian? It has a bit different phonology, so I would give it some chance. This is my favourite at the moment.

  7. By aprocess of elimination and what sounds to me a rather Russian like quality I’ll suggest Macedonian.

  8. I was thinking maybe Lithuanian (longshot Latvian) but now after listening to some youtube videos I’m leaning toward Macedonian.

  9. What confused me most was that you have given us a clue after Albanian was mentioned in the third comment. I’d expect you to write something like “It’s indeed Albanian.”

  10. Didn’t sound much like the Albanian I’ve heard, anyone have ideas on what dialect this is?

  11. it’s the south Brooklyn dialect, I grew up listening to it in my Albanian enclave off the streets of Ocean parkway.
    just kididng 🙂

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