Mystery language

Here’s another recording in a mystery language.

I was just sent this clip and asked if I recognise the language. I don’t. Do you?

It sounds like a tongue twister in a Romance language to me, though I don’t know which one.

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  1. It subtly sounds like Romance language. I am from a multiracial country. It also sounds like one of the Indian languages, which is like what I have heard from my friends spoke.

    Thank you for sharing!

  2. This is quite difficult! I was initially going to suggest an Indian language spoken with a strong Italian accent. However, I would think it is a Romance language. Maybe they’re talking about a tiger (tigra), and a heart (cora)? I’m guessing Friulian, Catalan, or some other minor language which isn’t well-known. I’m quite stumped.

  3. It could be a creole of Portuguese and an Indian language, I have heard of one or two of those

  4. Interesting.
    camera, cora, quan/da
    lead to me to think it is romance but that is about all.
    And yes it is not Catalan. Also I wouldn’t call Catalan a minor language. It has 10 million speakers.
    I am gonna go for something not romance but with a lot of romance in it…

  5. … hmmm yes, Maltese is a good bet. There seemed to be a lot aspirant sounds, which to my Welsh ear, sounded Arabic.

    Very impressed by the ternacity of the Maltese language. Cool-looking language – unique letter for ‘ch’ sound – ‘H’ with two bars across, only Semitic language written in Latin alphabet, loads of Latin words and everyone on the islands speaks the language. Respect!

  6. I’m not too certain that it is Maltese. It doesn’t sound like the Maltese I’ve heard before.

  7. Maybe what I’m going to say is just stupid. I don’t usually participate in quizzes because I’m quite horrible at guessing unknown languages. But as a Romance speaker I am sure it sounds quite different from the Romance languages I know of (which are not too much, anyway.) And I don’t think it’s Maltese either.
    This clip sounds to me like some kind of gibberish similar to jerigonza explained here: but with lots of r’s instead of p’s. Maybe this makes someone come out with a closer clue or maybe I’m completely wrong which is likely.

  8. At first blush it sounds a bit like Spanish or Italian, but I can’t even make out any structure that resembles either one.

    After listening several times, I don’t think it’s even Indo-European. I think it’s a prefixing language (/ti:gərə/ particularly seems to be occuring with different prefixes), and therefore it’s miles away from anything I’d be able to put a name to.

  9. I agree with ‘Remd’ above – sounds to me like a sort of pig-latin, similar but not quite like one I used to hear kids use in Madrid ages ago.

  10. Remd is right!! It’s this kind of game and they’re playing in Greek!!! =D

    (I think LOL)

  11. Sounded distinctly Latin to me, perhaps the Vulgar (common) form, rather than the better-known proper form.


  12. Language games still often utilize many of the phonemes of the original language. This is makes the recording peculiar as it seems to lack /s/, or any other sibilants as far as I could tell.

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