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  1. I don’t recognise it, but if i were to make a wild guess i’d say it was a Tibeto-Burman language.

  2. Perhaps an American Indian language of central or South America? I think — though of course I could be completely wrong here — I hear [tasko] near the beginning, which sounds like ‘Taxco’ to me, and [kasa] a couple of times near the end, which might possibly be a borrowing of Spanish ‘casa’. I’ll toss out a (not quite) wild guess here, and suggest a Mixtec language.

  3. Yeah, I’m with Chris on this. A nice number of q‘s and initial ng‘s, as far as I can make out. I also seem to hear something like “autocar” a few times, but that might be paraudiolia.

  4. Hmm. Based on this new information, I must disbelieve my ears and assume this is not an American Indian language of central or South America… I shall have to ruminate a bit before I come up with another guess.

    Pale Kermit 😉 – I like your “paraudiolia”. I don’t know if it exists as a recognized equivalent of “pareidolia” but the parallel term is a nice one!

  5. I have no idea about the language, I just want to comment on the word paraudiolia. Personally, I dislike words that are formed partly from Latin, partly form Greek, but this doesn’t mean Drabkikker shouldn’t use it. It’s a fun word. There exists the (all Greek) word paracusia, which means either a deficiency in hearing, or an auditory hallucination. Pareidolia itself can refer to all senses, not just seeing, even though it consists of the Greek word for ‘image’.

  6. Well, the Formosan language I’ve heard about the most is Seediq. Then there’s also Tsou… but I have no way of guessing whether it’s one of these or yet another one.

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