3 thoughts on “Arabic puzzles

  1. The one on the left says “جمال الروح” jamāl al-rūḥ, which means ‘the beauty of the soul’. It’s the title of a Libyan soap opera, actually, but somehow I don’t think that’s what this refers to.

    The one on the right says جبرائيل jibrā’īl, which means ‘Gabriel’. It’s far more calligraphic than the other one, as you can see from the form of the initial letter ج, which curves all the way down to encircle the dot.

  2. Just a little addition to Duncan as well, the style in both is Tholoth, but in different degrees of complexity (and it can be more in complexity and highly decorative).

  3. -the beauty of the soul is correct.
    -Gabriel: is written in a different style. The one on the left is much more beautiful and difficult to do.

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