7 thoughts on “Language quiz

  1. I dont’ think it’s Swahili. I’ve had another listen. Some words like “pambere”, “kuti” initially made me think Shona, but the typical whistling sounds weren’t there. I’ve ruled out Shona-like so Manyika, Kalanga, Ndau, Tonga and moved north, it sounds similar to Chewa but I don’t think it is. Is it Tumbuka?

  2. It sounds very closely related to Swahili and also like Swahili doesn’t sound tonal. One of the main differences here is that it has [β], which shows up in Swahili as [w], for example in the human plural noun class ‘βa’ instead of Swahili ‘wa’. It must be a northern or eastern Tanzanian language very closely related to Swahili if not some phonologically conservative Swahili dialect I don’t know about or perhaps once did and have since forgotten.

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