5 thoughts on “Language Quiz

  1. I think it might be an indigenous language of Brazil influenced by Portuguese. I keep hearing “Jesus” which would be from the Spanish although I think “Jesus” would be pronounced a bit differently in Portuguese. Is it possible it is an African language with Spanish overtones? (but my first guess as a Brazilian-influenced native language is better).

  2. I agree with Hank that I hear /he ‘su:s/ several times. I also hear /qˀom/ or /q’om/ twice in what appear to be clause-final positions, possibly with a high tone.

  3. I also assume some Spanish background/influence because of /hesus/ and go for one of the Matacoan languages of Argentina.

  4. The mystery language is Mocoví, a Southern Guaicuruan language spoken mainly in Santa Fe, Chaco, and Formosa provinces in Argentina.

    The recording comes from YouTube:

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