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  1. Japonic, but perhaps not (standard) Japanese proper. Maybe a divergent dialect of it or something from the Ryukyu Islands?

  2. I’m going with the Satsugū/Kagoshima dialect of Japanese. The honorific suffix -masu is -mosu, and kodomo (child) is kodon in this clip.

  3. Sorry to give the answer so early in the week. I will put it into カタカナ so as not to give it away TOO soon and make us all look things up. Found it on Youtube and it is カゴシマ.

  4. The mystery language is indeed Kagoshima (鹿児島弁), a variety of Japanese spoken in Kagoshima Prefecture in southern Japan. It is also known as Satsugū dialect (薩隅方言).

    The recording comes from YouTube:

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