10 thoughts on “Language Quiz

  1. My first guess if an Australian indigenous language but I need to listen again. Maybe something from the Philippines?

  2. I don’t recall many indigenous Australian languages having /e/ in their vowel inventory , so that suggests somewhere else to me.

  3. It could be Austronesian, the phonology and frequent reduplications point in that direction.

  4. I based my guess on the reduplications immediately since I know there is a place in Australia called Wagga Wagga. Of course, however, it’s always just a guess.

  5. To me, Hank, it sounds more like ‘warawara’. But I wouldn’t rule out Australia entirely because I can’t recognise a lot of Austronesian roots in this recording.

  6. It’s Paicî (Austronesian, Oceanic), spoken in New Caledonia. However, I only found it because I read Simon’s hint in ‘Omniglot News’ (03/03/2024).

  7. That was quick. Well done Emanuel. The language is indeed Paicî, a New Caledonian language spoken in the North Province of New Caledonia.

    The recording comes from YouTube

  8. I feel that this is a Dravidian language, because I heard multiple times.
    I feel that this is a Semetic language-I thought I heard some glottal phonemes that resemble Arabic in my opinion.
    I feel that this is a Bantu language, maybe Swahili-I heard “wewe” at least once.
    Maybe it’s an Australian language-I haven’t heard any before, and it can’t be all at the same time.

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