Some courses on Duolingo, like Spanish and Japanese, have stories, but many don’t. They’re fun and I wish they were available for all languages.

Today I discovered a site called Duostories, which features translations of stories from Duolingo in a variety of languages, including ones not on Duolingo, such as Asturian, Cantonese, Faroese, Frisian, Kannada, Latvian, Serbian and Tagalog.

There are also stories in constructed languages such as Lingua Franca Nova (Elefen), Interlingue and Toki Pona.

These stories have been translated by volunteers, and include recordings as well as text. The number of stories for each language varies from 4 to 200+. Dutch currently has the most (221).

You can contribute translations via Discord.

Duolingo 1 million XP

By the way, my total XP on Duolingo reached 1 million today (currently 1,000,336), and I’m on a 2,377 day streak.

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