5 thoughts on “Language Quiz

  1. Something in the timbre of the voice and the sounds remind me of Spanish but it certainly isn’t that so maybe a Central/South American indigenous language influenced by Spanish?

  2. This is a difficult one … I think it contains Romance elements, possibly Spanish or Portuguese ones, as Hank has remarked. So I guess it could be either a very divergent Romance language or dialect or a Romance-based Creole – or an indigenous language from Latin America with some Spanish or Portuguese influence. That somehow narrows it down a bit, doesn\\\’t it?

  3. Well this is fascinating; my initial impression was that it’s an African language, but unfortunately my knowledge of how to identify different branches of African language families is extremely limited. What I can say is that as a C1 Spanish speaker I can’t really hear anything like a Latin influence, except the word /jesu/ which would be pronounced /xesus/ if it came straight from Spanish, assuming the man is indeed talking about Jesus. Additionally, I’m fascinated by the consonant at the start of the very last word. I’ve never heard it before and wouldn’t even have any idea how to write it in IPA! An interesting one indeed……

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