10 thoughts on “Language Quiz

  1. Absolutely NO reason why I think this but it sounds something like Greek to me (and that does not mean, as is said in English, that “it’s all Greek to me!”

  2. Apart from the question what language this is – could it be The Lord’s Prayer?

  3. Emanuel,
    I think you might be onto something. There is enough repetition and rhythm that it might actually be what you think. Now all we have to do is find out the language!

  4. I am going for an indigenous language of Brazil but can’t really say why I think so.

  5. It was indeed The Lord’s Prayer, I just got the continent & language wrong! 😉

  6. I checked out both Hill Mari and Meadow Mari on Omniglot but I guess I should have looked at Ilove Languages on Youtube. Oh well!

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