9 thoughts on “Language Quiz

  1. Judging from the sounds of the letters as well as the accent and some obviously borrowed religious words I’d bet the rent that its a language fr om the Philippines. Well, maybe not the rent but enough for a Timmie’s Double Double here in Canada!

  2. Hank, I agree, but why is “Timmie’s” spelled that way? This nickname is almost universally spelled “Timmy.”

  3. The name comes from the famous Tim Horton’s doughnut franchise here in Canada. So far as I know, you are 100% correct in the spelling but I have seen it spelt also as Timmie, meaning a coffee from Tim Hortons” so if you say “I’m going to get a small Timmie”, I think that is one way of spelling it as well. As to Double Double, that’s ANOTHER Canadian thing as well!

  4. I heard the same clues as Hank and also thought the Philippines was the likely location. The prevalence of /ŋ/ also suggested that area.

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