7 thoughts on “Language Quiz

  1. The timbre of the voice makes me think it is a language from Central America or maybe from the Amazon jungle.

  2. Is it cheating if we ask native speakers I wonder? I sent this link to a friend and he says it’s similar to his native language and he can pick out some words. Following the tradition of hiding spoilers with the Georgian alphabet, I think this is a language closely related to ბრიბრი spoken in კოსტარიკა.

  3. For me, even nicer than being able to figure out some of these languages on a weekly basis is the camaraderie I experience every time with folks who are as smitten with language study as I am. Add to that, the politeness of going so far as to write down a guess in another alphabet so as not to spoil all our fun is priceless. I feel as if I am among a group of very special friends.

  4. Couldn’t agree more with you Hank. Also, now I can’t figure out why my Bribri friend thought he could hear some familiar words in a language spoken nowhere near Costa Rica😂 Will investigate…..

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