11 thoughts on “Language Quiz

  1. It sounds like something from 1.) the Caucasus 2.) the area in northern Iran where there are Iranian languages and/or 3.) something that almost sounds like Romanian. Anyone’s guess!

  2. I would say it’s a Turkic language based on some phonemes and suffixes I recognized, such as -im. There also appears to be a Russian influence, as well as Arabic loanwords. I’ll guess something like Kumyk, but wouldn’t be shocked if it’s a Mongolic language I’ve never heard of. Very interesting phonology with the double consonants and glottal stops.

  3. I have no clue what this is – but: there seem to be nasal vowels in this language, something not common in the languages of the Caucasus or Iran, as far as I remember. If it was a Romance language related to Romanian – e.g. Aromunian, Meglenitic etc. – I would expect to understand a bit more than just nothing. At 0:14 there is one familiar word, though, but I am not too sure and it could as well be a red herring …

  4. Going out of a limb here and suggesting either Yazghulami or Yidgha ONLY due to the timbre of the voice.

  5. Say what? You must be pulling my leg. This sounds NOTHING like an East African language. I don’t even hear any clicks either.

  6. No leg pulling. It’s spoken in parts of Egypt, Sudan and Eritrea. Only some languages in southern Africa have clicks, and maybe one or two in East Africa.

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