6 thoughts on “Language quiz

  1. It’s a Germanic language, a variety of German, actually, with a strong Italian touch to it. So this is perhaps a form of German spoken in Italy, such as Cimbrian …

  2. I would agree with Emanuel. I think I found the clip here on Omniglot in Cimbrian in a TV story about a demonstration (manifestzion?)

  3. While I agree that this is some form of High German, I doubt about Cimbrian. At least, “zwonzig” (“twenty”) in the clip doesn’t sound like what I’d expect from Cimbrian. I’ve also found a clip in South Tyrolean where the number 20 is mentioned, and it still sounds as “zwanzig” to me. Swabian, on the other hand, seems to prodice something like what I’m looking for, so I hypothesize some Alemannic dialect.

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