8 thoughts on “Language Quiz

  1. I must agree with Emanuel that it is probably from the Tai-Kadai family. Whatever it is I think it is of a religious nature, having heard some music near the end of the passage.

  2. I can confirm that it’s a Tai-kadai language. You hear “Thai” at 0:09, “Lao” at 0:20 and “Isan” at 0:22
    Isan is pretty much the same as Lao, but spoken in northeast Thailand, so I guess it’ll be one of those.

  3. Update: I’ve just found out that there is another Tai language called Khün (just before 0:02) so we have four options now!

  4. In that case,Karl, I would assume the language to be the first one mentioned, Khün. Just an assumption …

  5. Well I guess not. I really want to go find an Isan speaker so they can tell me if that even was Khün that we heard at the beginning

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