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  1. The sounds and timbre/tone of voice tell me that this is from the Indian subcontinent ( either Indo-European or Dravidian) but there are so many languages there that it would take all day to go through the list of possible candidates. That might narrow things down SOMEWHAT! Lol

  2. Definitely a North Indian/Pakistani language, and related to or at least influenced by Hindi-Urdu. I can make out what sounds like bācchi ‘child’, yēki ‘(a particular) one’ and Āngreji bola ‘speak (?) English’. Now, whether all my vocabulary guesses are right (at least one and probably two almost certainly are) and whether this is an Indo-Aryan language (the overall rhythm sounds atypical) or from another family, I can’t say after three listens.

  3. I am going for an Indo-Aryan language from the north of the sub-continent. I also heard “angreji” as well as “dogri” (at 00:21), so maybe it is Dogri.

  4. The language is Dogri (डोगरी / ڈوگری‬), a Western Pahari language spoken in the states of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab in northern India.

    The recording comes from YouTube

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