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  1. I think it is a dialogue in an indigenous language of North America, rendered by non-native speakers …

  2. I have to agree with Emanuel. It certainly has the sounds of the indigenous languages I have heard and it also doesn’t have the monotonal delivery that I also associate with them, hence the non-native aspect. As to what it could be I can only guess but I am going to say something from Ontario here in Canada. Of course if it is being spoken by non-natives it might be a language from the state of California that has died out but is being revived. Seems like there are a LOT of those in CA.

  3. I meant to say: rendered by people whose mother tongue is not the language in the recording. They could still be members of the ethnic group in question, though …

  4. Yes,I agree with Hank and Emanuel because this is a conversation in Miami-Illinois/Myaamia–Algic Algonkin– between two people and one of them is reviving nowadays this language.

  5. Excellent! I wonder if the efforts of these people to revive their language will be successful in the long run …

  6. The language is Miami (Myaamia), an Algonquian language that was spoken in parts of Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Ohio and Oklahoma in the USA until the 1962, and which is being revived.

    The recording comes from YouTube

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