7 thoughts on “Language Quiz

  1. There is something Spanish sounding in the tone and accent of the voice but it certainly is not Spanish. I am guessing it is a native language from Mexico, Central or South America. I heard the word “tata” which MIGHT be “father”. It’s either from The Lord’s Prayer or a recording of “The Wren” which is popular on the “I Love Languages” on Youtube. That’s my best guess ( and it IS a guess!).

  2. Sorry, too easy … it’s The Prodigal Son in – oh wait, Simon said we should give others a chance, too 😉

  3. David, this language is also spoken in Colombia, and the word you are referring to is – in my opinion – only the 1st part of the language’s name. I think that word means “man” here …

  4. This language is actually also spoken in Colombia and its name in Spanish begins with -G-, but its self-name begins with-W. Isn’t it?

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