10 thoughts on “Language Quiz

  1. My impression is that it is an African language, perhaps one spoken in Uganda because I think I hear this name at 0:07/0:08. But I can’t (yet) tell if it is a Bantu language such as Kiswahili or Luganda or something else (e.g. Nilotic) …

  2. My guess is a language (possibly a d Bantu one?) spoken in east Africa since I thought I heard the world “Uganda” . I also think it is a religious program (did I hear “Alleluia”?)

  3. I’m still new to this, but here goes: I heard the syllable “wa” at the beginning of two words in sequence, apart from “Uganda”. Isn’t a prefixed “wa” part of a classification system in at least some Bantu languages?

  4. I am not very sure but I think it may be Lango since it speaks of the Asamu clan and this is a Lango clan, from Uganda. It seems to be a Catholic clan.

  5. I’m amazed by the smooth mid-sentence transition to English in the video, as if completely unnoticed!

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