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  1. My guess is something from the Dravidian languages or the Indo-Iranian languages of the Indian subcontinent. There are SO many that to look at each one in hopes of finding the particular video of it would take all day so suffice it to say I am making a very wide guess. It does sound, however, (perhaps due to the initial music) like the beginning of a news broadcast.

  2. It’s definitely not Dravidian or Indo-Iranian. I don’t think it’s a news broadcast, either, but rather a joke of some kind.

    The “gb” towards the end of the recording strongly suggests to me that it’s a West African language of some kind, but I can’t tell which one. I want to say Fang but definitely can’t find the source and so think I’m probably wrong.

  3. I tend towards a language in the Francophone part of Africa and a biblical or religious context. This recording is shorter than usual and therefore more challenging but there is something that sounds like “Juda”, and also an invocation like “Misyé” (which I interpret as a French loan). Or, alternatively, I am totally off the track and it is a Dravidian joke …

  4. No way.

    I repeat, it’s definitely not Dravidian or Indo-Aryan. I’m a heritage speaker of a Dravidian language and have heard languages from both families my whole life. I’d recognize some words from one or both families if it was from either family. I don’t recognize any.

  5. Please forgive me if I have upset anyone with my suggestion of Dravidian or Indo-Iranian. It is simply a guess on my part and not a statement that I think anyone is incorrect.

  6. Oh, no, I didn’t mean to upset anyone, either, so I’m sorry if I made you feel bad. But I really do think it’s an African language of some kind. (I’m still inclined to guess West African. The guess that it’s a language with French influence is probably correct as well).

  7. So “monsieur” is the teacher, not the Lord, and it is a joke, after all 🙂

  8. Yay! I was right about it being a joke in a West African language with French influence! (But of course, I had no idea which language).

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