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  1. It is difficult for me to tell much about a language when It is sung. I hear some vowel sounds that suggest Japanese but then I hear consonant clusters that say otherwise. I checked the Japonic and Koreanic families and see nothing there to back up what I think so maybe it is something from Indonesia? I should say it is “Pacific” based since I am really “at sea” about an answer.

  2. I second Hank’s comment about sung language. To my ear, the style of the music sounds Indian, so maybe the language is from the subcontinent.

  3. It sounds like it has a lot of one syllable words, [ɕ] and [ŋ] endings which makes it sound either sino-tibetan, austroasiatic, tai-kadai, or hmong-mien; also the music vaguely makes me think of that region. It sounds virtually indistinguishable from mandarin to my ears so I’m going to guess it’s pretty close to the standard register of mandarin, either a distinct dialect that falls under the mandarin grouping or another close sinitic language

  4. Actually after seeing an above comment I’m thinking maybe the words aren’t monosyllabic but instead that’s just the way they’re spread out over the melody. In that case it sounds like it could be from anywhere in maritime southeast asia, or one of the mainland austronesian languages like cham

  5. Maybe split the difference and guess one of the Austronesian languages from Hainan or Taiwan which are very likely to have sinitic influence

  6. I think I heard some non-Mandarin syllables, so I don’t think that’s it.

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