8 thoughts on “Language Quiz

  1. Here I go guessing again. I heard the word “matua” which makes me think it is Polynesian but also heard a sound or two that seems to be from people in Borneo. Certainly then from the area of Oceania and Indonesia. Wherever it is they raise chickens!

  2. Are there languages in that part of the world that have ejectives? I think I heard some.

  3. There was a recent video of Ch’orti’, a Mayan language from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, that had a rooster crowing in the background. Even disregarding the rooster I think this is from somewhere in mesoamerica

  4. It is Polynesian, probably one of the so-called “outlyers” in Micronesia or Melanesia which are characterised by the deletion of word-final short vowels. I suggest Kapingamarangi or Nukuoro, both in the FSM.

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