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  1. I agree. Definitely Semitic but I wonder if it also might be something spoken in northern Iran. Just a guess based on no real reason.

  2. The content appears to relate to Islam. I heard “Allah” and possibly something that translates to “Arab.”

  3. I had just read an article mentioning that “mashallah” is an expression in Judeo-Arabic meaning “what G-d has willed” and it sounds to me as if that is what the speaker is saying. The second mention sounds more to me like the Arabic word “ala”, meaning “on”, which sounds similar to Hebrew, in which it could mean “on the….” I did not hear a word for Arab, but it’s entirely possible I missed it.

  4. This time it was not easy because “Allah, Adam, Hawa & Sheytan” make it sound Semitic – but it is not. The story is familiar and I was following Amir’s suggestion. The language is Tsakhur, a NE-Caucasian language spoken in Azerbaijan and Daghestan.

  5. Emanuel is right. It is the story of the Genesis, but in Tsakhur. Emanuel has been ahead of me in the answer. Very good Emanuel!

  6. The language is Tsakhur (цӀаӀхна миз / c’äxna miz), a northeast Caucasian language spoken in northern Azerbaijan and in the southwest of Dagestan in the Russian Federation.

    The recording comes from YouTube:

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