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  1. Some Native American language, I’d say … perhaps Iroquoian, such as Mohawk, Oneida (?), spoken in NY State and Canada.

  2. Very definitely a First Nations language and it sounds as if it is from Ontario or the mid-west of the US. I heard “nasoni” or “kasoni” which made me think of Mi’kmaq but the sounds aren’t quite right for that language (or Malecite, Abnaki or Passamaquoddy). No other ideas.

  3. I think it’s probably Algonquian but maybe Iroquoian. If it’s Iroquoian I can definitively say it’s not Cherokee or Mohawk, because I’m Cherokee and I’ve heard Mohawk many times

  4. The second speaker sounds like she speaks north american english as a first language, so I’m going to say this recording is from outside of quebec

  5. It sounds close to Mohawk but I’m pretty sure it’s not Mohawk itself. My friend who’s Oneida says Oneida and Mohawk are very close, almost the same language. Onondaga was already in a quiz, so I’m going to guess Oneida, Cayuga, Seneca, or Wyandot

  6. I think the first speaker actually says something like “Oneida” towards the end of his utterance. That doesn’t necessarily mean it is Oneida, though …

  7. Assuming it is Iroquois, the only two languages that do not have ‘r’ or ‘l’ or ‘ch’ (at least I don’t appreciate them), are Onondaga and Oneida. Since Onondaga has already appeared in the quiz, I think it is Oneida, and besides, I have also heard the word ‘Oneida’.(…?)

    In the last quiz I knew it was Swedish, but not which dialect. Theese are many. I did not write it.

  8. I have not heard Nottoway, Conestoga, Susquehannock … etc … I do not know if there is someone alive who speaks them.

  9. The Susquehannock people and language are extinct, and the Nottoway people are still alive but their language has been extinct since 1838

  10. Some road signs in western New York state use the language, which has a ton of diacriticals in the writing system.

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