6 thoughts on “Language Quiz

  1. I think it is a south Asian language due to the tones and some of the sounds. Other than that I have no idea!

  2. Sinitic. I’m tempted to say Mandarin but I doubt simon would go with something so recognizable, so it’s probably related but not the same.

  3. Likely a Chinese language other than Mandarin, but which ones would have televised media? Maybe from outside of China. Hokkien, maybe?

  4. It sounds very close to Taiwanese. It could be a Hokkien/Minan spoken outside Taiwan, like Singapore or something like that. I hear “Gua shi” at the beginning of a sentence which may be a “I am” in a closely related language.

  5. The answer is Fuzhounese (平话 / Bàng-uâ / 福州话), a dialect of Eastern Min (闽东话) spoken in east central Fujian province, China, especially in and around Fuzhou (福州)

    The recording comes from YouTube:

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