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  1. Hmmm. I think I hear oddly pronounced French in this but with some sounds I associate with Baltic. Almost seems a bit like Breton. What CAN it be?!

  2. Now that you mention it, Mutre, there are sounds there with the “tchi” sound prominent which I hear in my own province of New Brunswick Canada among the Acadians. Perhaps it is Jerriais but it certainly has a French base.

  3. Cornish makes the most sense. It sounds brythonic but it’s not welsh, there are only three brythonic languages, and cornish is the only other brythonic language besides welsh whose speakers are influenced by english phonology. If it were breton he would have a french accent

  4. The only part I can make out for sure is Un grand barbu est venu “A tall bearded man has come”. This bit appears to be in standard French (though pronounced with an English accent), while the rest seems to be in one of the French-based “patois” varieties suggested in the comments above.

  5. French-like but mostly incomprehensible, with a British accent? I’d guess something like Jersey Norman.

  6. I think it’s French-Canadian Creole but I don’t know which one of them, maybe Brayon, to say the least that doesn’t sound ‘very French’.

  7. Brayon is the term used here in New Brunswick for the Acadians up in the northern part of the province near Edmundston NB but I have never heard then sound like that!

  8. That’s insane, the speaker’s accent sounds so Brythonic I couldn’t recognize it as a langue d’oïl

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