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  1. This recording has very frequent nasal sounds, even on consonants, and I only know of one language like that: Eperara/Epena, an Emberá language of Colombia, where nasals can spread throughout entire words

  2. I would agree with Emanuel in that it sounds like a Native American language, perhaps from the west coast? I thought I heard the Welsh “ll” sound which to me is from the Pacific Northwest of the US or the coast of British Columbia (maybe Haida Gwaii?)

  3. This sounds Native American, but which one? I think it is neither Algonkian nor Sioux nor Central or South American , nor Salish, nor Uto-Nahua, nor Californian , nor Iroquois, nor Wakash. Maybe some Athapascan, or Eyak, or Haida? Don’t lose, honestly.

  4. Ruling out “central or south american” is really unfair since that’s not a family, and many languages in that region do have a lot of nasals. Also I’m familiar with Nez Perce which is close to Yakama, and it sounds nothing like this recording

  5. I just thought of something: It sounds like Guarani, but Guarani seems too well-known to be here, so could it be Kaingang, Pilagá, Toba Qom, or Wichi?

  6. I think I heard a voiceless lateral fricative and a voiceless labiodental fricative, which suggests Mvskoke or Mikasuki, but I might have heard K’taqmkuk/Taqamkuk, the Mi’kmaq name for Newfoundland

  7. The answer is Seri (Cmiique Iitom), a language isolate spoken in the villages of Punta Chueca and El Desemboque in Sonora in northern Mexico.

    The recording comes from YouTube:

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