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  1. It’s either an Austronesian language or one of those language they speak in India that’s not Indo-Iranian or Dravidian… To be honest I’m not very good at language quizzes like this 😖

  2. Judging from the sound of “hai” I hear at the end of some lines (which make me think of Hindi)
    AND a retroflex “R” sound I think it is very much a language spoken on the Indian subcontinent.
    As to any sort of language family I plead complete ignorance!

  3. The answer is Rohingya (Ruáingga / رُاَࣺينڠَ) , an eastern Indo-Aryan language spoken in northern Rakhine State (Arakan) in Burma / Myanmar and in the neighbouring Chiittagong Division of Bangladesh.

    The recording comes from YouTube:

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