5 thoughts on “Language Quiz

  1. This is a “toughie”. It sounds somewhat African and also a bit Portuguese. I kept hearing SPDM which I looked up and it seems to be some sort of apparatus. I almost thought of Basque to boot but not sure if those sounds are there! I am betting on a patois, maybe Cabo Verde patois? It’s anyone’s guess!

  2. That’s my guess as well. It certainly suggests a Portuguese-based patois. The bits I thought I could understand (especially at the very beginning) sound a bit like Spanish, but a lot more like Portuguese (not Brazilian) Portuguese.

  3. This was one of your hardest ones yet. Great find, Simon!

    And don’t feel too bad, HankW. At least you were brave enough to put down a guess. I was bouncing between Tagalog, Germanic, and Japanese so badly that I didn’t even dare to post.

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