12 thoughts on “Name the language

  1. I realize this covers a lot of bases, but to me it sounds simultaneously as a Bantu/Arabic hybrid (like Swahili or a Sahel language) and a Malay-related language.

  2. dmh, however, if you spell it ‘Amurka’, Google will serve up a pile of Hausa pages, many of them radio stations. Apparently it was not only I for whom this was the most noticeable word in the recoding. Ironically, ‘Amurka’ is not even a true Hausa word: it simply means ‘America’.

  3. The only thing i got out of it was ‘something arabic’ (sorry, i’m no linguist) AND a sort of weird German ring to it. I felt sort of proud when i read the fragment came from deutsche welle!

  4. At first thought something slavic (talking about Barack Obama), but then there were some glottal stops, so not quite sure …

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