7 thoughts on “Language Quiz

  1. This is REALLY going out on a limb. I keep hearing the nasalized word “highñ” which suggests to me Hindi but it couldn’t be that easy. I am going to say a language from the Indian sub-continent.

  2. It can’t be from the Indian sub-continent. It doesn’t sound Dravidian or Indo-Aryan to me.

  3. At first I thought it was a Taiwanese aboriginal language, but I heard Sāmoa, so I’m going to guess Samoan (or possibly Tokelauan)

  4. This sounds like Maori, I recognize the phonetic inventory and a few words. It’s polynesian but i am unsure where, it’s got to be related to Maori. i heard “ko te nga motu” which is something like …the islands.

  5. This is clearly Polynesian. This person repeats Nukuoro several times. This is the language spoken by this woman. Although Nukuoro is geografically an atollon of Ponape, belonging to the Federated States of Micronesia.

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