9 thoughts on “Language Quiz

  1. There are two sounds one of which makes me think of Vietnamese and the other that reminds me of a US First Nations language of the Southwest. I’ll leave it up to my linguistic
    betters to resolve the mystery! Thanks

  2. I’ve basically got no idea, so I’m going to guess something from the Australian Aboriginal families, because 1) I don’t think we’ve ever had one before, and 2) why not?

  3. Yeah, I think it is an Australian Aboriginal language too. There are reduplication of many word roots, and these repetitions appears on the derivation system of some Western Australian languages (as the comparative degree “gwabba” = good >> “gwabba gwabba” = better), also in the way the Wiradjuri people form plurals (“wagga” = crow >> “wagga wagga” = crows), and even in many place names as Gumly Gumly, Grong Grong or Warra Warra.

  4. The reason I have questions about Australia is some of the vowels. I don’t think /aj/ or /e/ are particularly common, but they appear here.

  5. I’m going to give myself one-quarter point for being geographically close, but from a quick Wikipedia-ing it seems like I’m not even in the right language family. Good one, Simon.

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