6 thoughts on “Language Quiz

  1. Taking a wild, wild guess but it’s either something from the Caucasus or the Canadian west coast?

  2. Well, if it’s spoken farther south I think I recognize Navajo well enough to know it’s not that but for some reason (and I haven’t a clue as to why) maybe it’s Hopi? Or perhaps one of those endangered languages spoken by 6 to 8 people somewhere in California? Again, just a guess. Incidentally I thoroughly enjoy these blogs!

  3. The English words “God”, “Adam”, and “Eve”, pronounced in North American English (the vowel in “God” being a giveaway) suggests an indigenous language of North America. That plus the nasalized vowels and many affricates fits as well – many Athabaskan, Muskogean, Siouan, and Iroquoian languages would fit these characteristics, but I’d cut Iroquoian given that I also hear several labial sounds like /p/ here, and Iroquoian languages are famous for not having native labial sounds. So is this by chance a language of the Athabaskan, Muskogean, or Siouan language families?

  4. Probably not from the Pacific Northwest sprachsbund. There aren’t anywhere near the number of complicated consonant clusters those languages contain.

    I heard /ts’/ in both initial and final positions. Does that help narrow it down?

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