13 thoughts on “Language Quiz

  1. I’d have guessed something Austronesian, but I can’t believe you would post something so similar to last weeks, so I’m going to cast a wide net with a guess of Amerindian, from the Northwest of the continent.

  2. It probably isn’t Northwestern North American. The consonant inventory and phonotactics don’t match.

  3. For some reason it strikes me as Austronesian too, I can’t really explain why though.

  4. Something about a sound or two makes me think it is a native language from South America but it’s anyone’s guess!

  5. It sounds a bit like Apache from movies that weren’t using fake Indian speech for the Native American dialogue.

  6. The nasalized vowels, simple tones, simple consonants, simple syllable structure, and prevalence of high, non-front unrounded vowels ([ɨ] or [ɯ]) makes me think of South American languages. Is that the region?

  7. This is somewhat off-topic:
    Yesterday I stumbled upon another on-line language quiz called Language Guesser. Its creator is Emanuel Ruckstuhl from Switzerland. Go to https://languageguesser.com/en and have fun with music videos in many languages — though not nearly as many as here.

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