Y Coirrey

Cha haghyr red erbee feeu çheet er jea. Moghrey jiu haink fer voish British Gas as ren eh shirveish er yn coirrey as y corys çhiow banglaneagh – cha row scoltey erbee ayn. ‘Syn ‘astyr haink yn grian magh as hie mee dys smeir y lorg. Cha row monney ry-gheddyn, agh hooar mee dy liooar dys blass jias y chur lesh nyn ooylyn voish my villey ooyl. Er lhiam dy vel imbagh smeir begnagh ec kione.

Nothing much happened yesterday. This morning a man from British Gas came to service the boiler and central heating – there weren’t any faults. In the afternoon the sun came out and I went out in search of blackberries. There weren’t many about, but I got enough to add a nice flavour to the apples from my apple tree. I think the blackberry season is almost over.

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