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  1. I also hear a Turkic language, although the vowel harmony I’m hearing doesn’t include front rounded vowels or back unrounded vowels. That makes me think of Uzbek, which doesn’t have those vowels. Plus I’m hearing uvular [q] and [χ~x], like many of the Central Asian languages like Uzbek, Kyrgyz, and Kazakh. So, my first guess is Uzbek.

    Strangely, I’m also maybe hearing something pharyngeal-like? I don’t know of any Turkic languages with pharyngeals, though, so maybe I’m misrepresenting what I’m hearing. It could be that the uvulars sound pharyngeal in this language or for this speaker. Or I could also be hearing a language of the Caucasus, many of which have pharyngeals and have a sort of Turkic-like sound to them, although I can’t identify what exactly that is.

  2. It isn’t a Turkic language, but may have been influcened by Turkic languages. One of the places it’s spoken in is Azerbaijan.

  3. My first thought was one of the Iranian languages. I was leaning towards Zaza but, given the extra hint – and a little Wikipedagogy – I’m going to guess Talyshi.

  4. Hmm, an Iranian language of Azerbaijan… and not Talysh. That doesn’t leave much else! I’m guessing it’s Tat (or Judeo-Tat)? That would explain the pharyngeals.

  5. According to Ethnologue the only other Iranian language spoken in Azerbaijan is Khalaj. But then, there’s the risk of mistaking it for Turkic Khalaj which is, in fact, a Turkic language spoken in Iran.

  6. The language is Juhuri (çuhuri / жугьури / ז’אוּהאוּראִ), a Southwest Iranian language spoken in Israel, Azerbaijan, Russia and the USA. It is also known as Juwuri or Judeo-Tat.

    The recording comes from YouTube.

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