Today we have a guest post by Anna, the author of Comunicamo

Practicing languages via chat rooms or with pen-pals may be very helpful but for many of us it is often hard to choose an appropriate discussion topic.

Comunicamo is a free website that allows you to practice foreign language by commenting on current news stories and events without pondering over conversation topics and without personal introductions.

Commenting on the news can be very interesting, especially when there’s a hot topic. Sometimes you can draw somebody who turns out to have totally different opinion. That is even better as it makes discussion more ardent and you finally forget that the language you are writing in is not your native tongue.

Here is how it works:

  • After clicking “compose new message” choose the language you want to practice.
  • A random recipient will be assigned.
  • Choose one of the proposed news items (don’t hesitate to choose something controversial or funny).
  • Write your opinion or comment about the news.
  • Your message will be sent to the previously selected recipient and the conversation starts.

You can also log in and wait until somebody draws you.

After exchanging some messages you can start another discussion with the same person or draw another one.

Remember: the website is dedicated for those who study foreign language for some time and want to practice it in real conversations.

If you are a beginner, don’t worry. Users can choose the level of randomly selected conversation partners. After some messages you will be able to see if people understand you.

If you study Spanish then imagine yourself on a street of Madrid. There will be no teacher helping you.

I would be grateful for your comments about the idea.

2 thoughts on “Comunicamo

  1. The website concept seems really solid but I would be more inclined to register if the project expanded to include some of the non-European languages that a lot of us study. Arabic would be my personal preference.

  2. There will be more language opitions soon. I’ve been working on virtual keyboards containing non European characters. In the meantime, until the end of August there should be more European tongues to choose from.

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