3 thoughts on “Christmas

  1. It might have been more interesting without that nerve-racking music. I had to check twice to hear that the German guy really said “Frohe Weihnacht”.
    But, that’s at least what I wish to all of you, especially to you, Simon.

  2. What he said sounded more like “Fröhe Neihwachten”. There are 3 possibilities here:
    i. He is speaking a non-standard dialect that metathesises ‘Weihnachten’ (‘o’ changing to ‘ö’ is a common feature in some regional varieties of German, I think);
    ii. He doesn’t actually speak German and is just giving his best approximation;
    iii. He is deliberately speaking gibberish.

  3. What I can say as someone who grew up in Germany and is able to identify a lot of regional accents from all parts of the German speaking the world: This guy doesn’t sound German at all. At first I thought his accent was maybe Yiddish, but even a Yiddish speaker would probably not have shifted the stress of “Weihnachten” from the first syllable to the penultimate.

    (@David Eger: To me this sound more like “Fruhe Reihɱ̆wachten,” but never mind.)

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