Tomorrow I’m off to Montreal for the North American Polyglot Symposium, which takes places on Saturday and Sunday (23/24) at Concordia University.

I’m giving a talk on the origins of language. This is a subject that we can only really speculate about, unless someone invents a time machine, so I’ll discuss the various theories that have been proposed.

This will be my first visit to Canada, and I’m really looking forward to it. I’m also looking forward to catching up with my polyglot friends, and making some new ones.

5 thoughts on “Montreal

  1. Welcome to Canada! Or, since you are coming to Quebec, Bienvenue au Canada! Hope you have a great time!

  2. Years ago, I read an essay in the Montreal Gazette by a bilingual student from New Brunswick on the cues Montrealers use to tell a francophone from an anglophone. Wish I could find it again. They are uncannily good at it. Enjoy! The “mont” itself is an uncommonly beautiful place.

  3. Interesting. So far people have seemed to assume that I’m a francophone, so have spoken mainly French

  4. Oh! I had heard about this on the radio, but I didn’t suspect that you might be going. Well in any case, I hope you enjoyed your stay! (And yes, that was quite some rain we had yesterday afternoon.)

    From Two Mountains/Deux-Montagnes on the “Nort Shore”, due west by the compass from downtown Montreal…

  5. It’s been great. I’ve really enjoyed my time in Montreal and have another few days to explore – I’m leaving tomorrow evening.

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