Stammtisch [ˈʃtamtɪʃ] is a German word I learnt yesterday which means “regulars table”. It usually refers to a group of people who get together for an informal meeting regularly, maybe in a local bar or café, and to the table where they sit. They might play cards, discuss politics or philosophy, or just chat.

It is also used for meet-ups where people get together to practise their languages, so my language café group might be called a Stammtisch in Germany.

Are there similar words in other languages for this?

3 thoughts on “Stammtisch

  1. Törzsasztal in Hungarian; törzs „body, torso” is used for translated borrowings of several German words like törzsvendég „Stammgast, regular guest who may have a Stammtisch”.

  2. The Bengali equivalent is আড্ডা aḍḍa.

    Samsad’s dictionary translates it as “a dwelling-place, a habitat; a haunt; a (fixed or permanent) meeting place, a rendezvous; a place or institution for practising anything; a club; a company of informal and friendly talkers, their meeting place or talk; a place for assemblage, a station or stand”, but I only hear it used in the “a company of informal and friendly talkers, their meeting place or talk” sense.

    The related verb is আড্ডা মারা aḍḍa mara, literally “to hit aḍḍa”.

  3. Swedish has similar words, including stamkund (regular customer), stamgäst (~ guest), stambesökare (~ visitor) and so on.

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