15 thoughts on “Language quiz

  1. It sure doesn’t sound Persian to me, but I don’t have any better idea than to guess something from Southeast Asia, based on the tonality and abundance of short words (assuming I’m parsing it into words correctly).

  2. Heavy sound?
    The first language that came to my mind was Kresh, But then I realized that one’s spoken in Sudan, not in Central America.
    So what with that language the name of which sounds like a heavy Japanese wrestler? Sumo, spoken in Nicaragua.

  3. A small-named Central American language? That makes me think “Chol” or “Mam”, but neither name has a “heavy sound”, and either way, this language doesn’t sound Mayan to me.

  4. That was a great one – I’d never even heard of the entire language family before.

    (Also, is there a delay between when people see their own posts and others see them? I could swear that Iaroslav’s post wasn’t there when I made mine, but my timestamp is later than his. So instead of us making an identical (wrong) guess it looks like I copied off his paper!

  5. I too saw Jonathan’s comment a long time before Iaroslav’s comment was there. And it wasn’t the first time this happens.

  6. I wonder if the blog uses a timestamp that gets sent from the commenter’s browser which uses the local timezone? If Iaroslav’s comment came from somewhere from West of the New York timezone up to the international date line it could have “jumped ahead” of mine.

    I’m not seriously complaining; I just was curious. And I’d rather replies be a bit out of order than Simon waste time mucking around with timezones. I’ve done it a few times and it’s painful.

  7. (Hmm, just looked at that last post and the timestamp seems to be UTC, not my local time. Guess that’s not the explanation.)

  8. The time on this blog is set to UTC. When people comment for the first time I need to approve their comments before they go public, so this can delay when they appear.

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