8 thoughts on “Language quiz

  1. The closest I can get (and still may be totally wrong): it could be one of the Aboriginal languages of Australia.

  2. All the repetition of ‘balna’ makes my brain shout “That’s ‘sick’ in Russian”, but there’s nothing else even remotely Slavic about it. Stumped.

  3. Search on lexemes suggests some Misumalpan language (Nicaragua), perhaps Ulwa.

  4. Don’t know what the language is but this appears to be the first verses of John’s Gospel, ‘balna’ meaning ‘word’ – and the English word of God is used – so it’s some place evangelized by English speakers, which could be anywhere, really.

  5. This is clearly an example of the speech of the Skyloptenogyne, a mythical beast that is part dog, part chicken and part woman. I believe it lives somewhere in the S. Pacific.

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