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  1. I’m not the one who can identify this language, but I feel like I can make some guesses though.

    For me, it’s definitely not an Asian language. It mostly sounded like Mohawk or any other indigenous languages of Americas and also a little bit of African languages such as Zulu. I think I heard some kind of click sounds, similar to Zulu’s ones and also sometimes it made me feel like some Arabic person speaks that language.

    My guess would be that it’s one of the indigenous languages of Americas (or I think it’s called as Native American languages but anyway, you probably will understand what I mean). Definitely not an Asian one, it also may be an African language as well but I’d go with American.

  2. I’m hazarding a guess that this is a Mongol language — failing that, something definitely from the northeast end of Asia. I was thinking Ainu at first, but as far as I know it doesn’t have those uvular fricatives.

  3. Unless I’m completely mistaken, I think I hear some Turkish word endings in there, but naming any specific Turkic language would be a guess on my part.

  4. The answer is Xibe (ᠰᡞᠪᡝ ᡤᡞᠰᡠᠨ / sibe gisun), a Tungusic language spoken in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in north west China.

    The recording comes from the GRN.

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