One language per day

Last week I decided to try a slightly different language learning strategy. Rather than trying to immerse myself and learning bits of various languages every day, I am focusing on one language each day. This mainly involves listening to online radio and doing online lessons, and also having conversations with people when I can. At the moment I’m continuing to learn Dutch, learning more Portuguese, Italian, and brushing up my Spanish and Japanese, while trying to keep my other languages ticking over.

So yesterday was Portuguese day, today is Spanish day and I’ll probably focus on Italian tomorrow. So far it’s working quite well.

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3 Responses to One language per day

  1. Well, you are an ambitious person. Success whit your one language a day strategy!

  2. joe mock says:

    I’m doing Modern Hebrew – intermediate level, more or less, in the early morning, Gàidhlig in the office before work (slow work but I can read most of the material on Litir do luchd ionnsachaidh on the BBC, Basque review at lunch and pretty advanced Tagalog after dinner. This time round I’m setting a target-level (e.g. read Harry Potter in Basque with some ease).rather than a time frame, so I don’t know how long each will last. Modern Greek, Welsh, and probably something I’ve never tried like Quechua, next. Late night Tagalog until I’ve got it down pat.

  3. MadFall says:

    @ joe mock

    Harry Potter in Basque sounds like a difficult target. Or am I a victim of popular culture which says Basque is the next thing to impossible to learn?

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