Language quiz

Here’s a recording in a mystery language.

Do you know or can you guess which language it’s in and where it’s spoken?

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12 Responses to Language quiz

  1. BG says:

    It sounds like a a Sino-Tibetan language, or some other tonal language from Southeast Asia, maybe. I’ll put out a guess of Hakka or Gan.

  2. Aeetlrcreejl says:

    It sounded more like Dravidian to me… Tamil or Telugu?

  3. xarxa says:

    argh, something south asian, tamil?

  4. Peter J. Franke says:

    Complete unknow to me, but it sounds like native north american…

  5. Simon says:

    Here’s a clue – it’s a native North American language.

  6. michael farris says:

    My first guess is something Inuit-ish. Can’t be more precise though.

  7. William Athol says:

    I will go with something from the Na-Dene languages; possibly an Athbaskan language? I’ll say Tlingit or Navajo, as they are the “largest” languages of that family. The lack of “hard” fricatives (to my American English ears) – velars, uvulars, glottals – is really throwing me off.

  8. SnowLeopard says:

    It doesn’t sound Eskimo/Inuit-ish or Navajo-ish to me. How about Cree? The range of consonants seems similar and I heard a ni- prefix, which would correspond to a first-person singular verb form.

  9. Tazgo says:

    Is it Haida?

  10. William Athol says:

    That was my second guess, SnowLeopard. I was going to go with Cree or Cherokee. The latter is just a guess as I’m just going by the way the language sounded. It didn’t sound as if there was a large consonant inventory or very many fricatives.

  11. Simon says:

    The answer is Cree (ᓀᐦᐃᔭᐍᐏᐣ/Nēhiyawēwin), an Algonquin language spoken in Canada, especially in Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. The speaker is talking about child rearing.

    The recording comes from YouTube.

  12. Telugu says:

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