Learning languages – the Myngle experience

Today we have a guest post by Hala Masreya from Egypt.

This post is for everyone who is interested in learning languages. My name is Hala and I am currently active as a teacher on a language e-learning platform called Myngle. I would like to share with you my experience as an online language teacher.

I first started teaching languages online 7 years ago. Some of my friends wanted to learn Arabic but had difficulties finding the time, the place and the qualified teacher to do so. I decided I could teach them over the internet but, due to the lack of innovative technology, this wasn’t all that easy.

A year ago I discovered Myngle. Using VOIP and online classrooms I really enjoy teaching online. With online one-to-one classrooms, you can give your full attention to a student and see on which points he/she need to focus. Students really seem to appreciate this new way to learn and the great thing is that I am now teaching students who I’ve met in real life and then returned to their own country.

Apart from being a teacher I am also a student. Since I started to take language classes online I have learned to speak Italian and Latin, both from very qualified and friendly teachers and now I see why the students like it so much!

Learning a language online generates a lot of advantages:

– you can take classes wherever and whenever
– you can choose the teacher/student that appeals to you the most
– you can take contact with native speakers and all the cultures of the world

And I especially enjoy Myngle: here students and teachers are really enthusiastic they are constantly engaged in improving users experience and making e-learning better and easier to use.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this and I hope to see you soon as my students on Myngle!

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