Word of the day – cuddle

Cuddle is an example of a false friend or cognate – it has one meaning in English (to hold (sb or sth) close; a close embrace) and one in Welsh (a hiding place). The pronunciation is different in each language: in English it’s /ˈkʌd.ḷ/ and in Welsh it’s /ˈkɨðlɛ/ or /ˈkɪðlɛ/.

The English word is a variant or cull or coll (to embrace,) which possibly comes from the Middle English couthelen from couth (known).

The Welsh word comes from cudd (hiding, concealment, hiding place; concealed, hidden) and lle (place).

Related words include:
cuddfa / cuddfan – hiding place, retreat, hoard
cuddiad – concealment
cuddiedig – hidden, concealed
cuddio – to hide, cover, bury
cuddiwr – hider
cuddlen – curtain, veil
cuddserch – fondness, affection
cuddswyddog – detective

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