Word of the day – плотник

плотник (plotnik), noun = carpenter

After a break of a few weeks, I started studying Russian again today. This week’s lesson is about occupations. It provides the Russian words for various jobs, but unfortunately doesn’t tell you how to say “I am a …” or “I work as a …”. Such sentences will hopefully appear later in the course.

Other words for occupations include:

секретарь (sekretar’) = secretary
доктор (doktor) = doctor
медсестра (medsestra) = nurse
зубной врач (zubnoj vrač) = dentist
учитель (učitel’) = teacher
пекарь (pekar’) = baker
механик (mexanik) = mechanic
студент (student) = student

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7 Responses to Word of the day – плотник

  1. Joseph Staleknight says:

    “медсестра (medsestra) = nurse”

    Hmmm, that sounds a lot like “mid-sister”. Is that the etymology?

  2. Simon says:

    сестра (sestra) is sister and I think мед (med) might be related to medical matters – another word of doctor is медик (medik), which also means medical student.

  3. k says:

    to say “I am a carpenter” is too easy to mention “я плотник” (ya plotnik)
    he is a carpenter – он плотник (on plotnik)and so on.

  4. Chase Boday says:

    k is correct, but there are other ways to say this, too.
    If you say:

    я плотник, you are implying that there is an idea that you are inherently meant to be a carpenter, but say you were trained to be a linguist, but gosh-darnit, the soviet of linguists won’t let you in, and you have to work in the carpentry profession, then you would say:

    я роботаю плотником. “I work as a carpenter” with ‘carpenter’ in the instrumental case. Hope this has been helpful!

  5. Nieta says:

    Chase Boday,
    your comment has compicated everything. Forget USSR.. here is a language portal. If someone says I am a carpenter, he means it…

    K is right.
    I am a carpenter. Я – плотник.
    (nice example by the way.. i have never met travelling carpenters as well as nurses)

  6. Chase Boday says:

    Yes, K is right, I was just adding some details that I learned from my khazjain, (can’t type cyrillic on this infernal computer right now). The conversation went like this:

    Me: Mne skazali chto vy professor…
    Ilja: Net, nepravilno. Ja byl enzhinir, no schas (sejchas) ja robotaju veterinarom.

    Ok, so its not word for word, but the grammar is the important thing.

  7. Mel says:

    You’re both right above. Most Russians would just say ‘Ya plotnik’ etc etc, as gramatically, the construction ‘ya rabotaioo plotnikom’ is a little complex as it uses the ‘instrumental’ case.

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